Don't let chronic pain control your life

There are over 50 million people who suffer with chronic pain. Are you one of them?

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The better you understand your pain, the better you'll be able to take control over your pain treatment options. My Pain Map can help.

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Tracking chronic pain

It's tough being a chronic pain sufferer. So tracking pain shouldn't be a pain.


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A better way to track your pain

It's tough enough being a chronic pain sufferer. We're here to help provide you with tracking results that your healthcare provider understands.

My Pain Map is the place to start. It will help provide you with reports your healthcare provider can quickly look at. These reports will detail when, where and how bad your pain has been. You won't have to try to remember how bad your pain was 2 weeks ago. It will be in the report.

More accurate details about your pain may help you and your healthcare provider find better ways to help you manage your pain. The better you and your healthcare provider understands the pain you have, the better you'll be able to discuss treatments to help your pain. Together, you and your healthcare provider may be able find a better way manage your chronic pain.

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Tracking chronic pain shouldn't be a pain!

Tracking pain can be easy with your tablet or smart phone. You'll be able to track your pain and symptoms where ever you go.

Why should I track pain? Living with chronic pain has challenges. Tracking your pain when you hurt, will provide the best details about your pain. It's difficult to remember exactly how bad your pain was two weeks ago. Especailly if you hurt every day.

By tracking your pain with My Pain Map, you'll be able to review your entries. You may be able to discern reoccuring situations that trigger or cause your pain. Knowing what will make your pain worse, is one part of learning how to manage your pain. And knowing that, could help you plan your life better.

Chronic Pain

Chronic pain is, well .... a pain! And it's a pain to live with. We often go through our day putting on our "happy" face. We struggle to be and act "normal". When we go to work, our co-workers have no idea what it's like for us. We do the same job while enduring chronic pain.

Our friends and family know we have pain, but they don't really understand how we feel or how we to endure pain. Because we hide it, even from them.

Pain drains a lot of energy. Support is necessary and appreciated. Support is more than acknowledging our pain. It's doing things to help us manage and track our pain. Finding any way that helps us understand and manage our pain is a good thing. Being proactive is a big step towards learning about our pain. If we can discover things that trigger our pain, then you can take steps to avoid that trigger. And ultimately maybe learn to reduce the our pain.

No more paper forms

Paper forms are a hassle. You have to carry them with you all the time. Just so you have them when your pain strickes. Once you fill out the form, you still have to carry it around until you get home. And then you have to find a place to keep all those forms. Not any more!

My Pain Map© is here to help. You can track your pain type, severity and duration. You can also track any symptoms you are experiencing. Symptoms you've had for awhile or symptoms that come up suddenly.

And that's not all. You can also track your treatments and medications, your blood pressure, body temperature, glucose level, pH balance and oxygen levels.

Whew! That's a lot of stuff to track. Don't worry, My Pain Map makes it easy.

Better communication

How much time do we really spend telling our healthcare provider all the details about our pain or symptoms? Most likely we skim over the highlights. What if your healthcare provider could look at a report and get all the details faster than we could actually tell them?

Communication between pain sufferers and our healthcare providers is often limited by time. We need better communication because our healthcare providers because they may not understand what we are trying to tell them. Maybe it's because they are too busy to listen. But more likely it's because they are not understanding what we are trying to tell them.

We don't always remember details about our pain, and sometimes under or over emphasize pain that happened weeks ago. Now there's a better way to quickly see how our pain is progressing. Getting information faster means more time can be spent discussing treatment options.

With My Pain Map you'll be able to ...
Improve communication with Healthcare providers
Find possible triggers for your pain
Track your pain anytime, anywhere
Track your pain on your computer, tablet or smart phone.
Track mood, fatigue and concentration.
Track weather conditions along with your pain.
Track food and activity
View, print or email your pain reports
Track your pain treatments and medications
Track your environment
Keep a daily journal
Get all this and more for only $4.95 a month

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Pain Analysis Research Group

Our Mission is to provide pain sufferers with an accessible, user friendly program to help track Pain and related symptoms. More and more young people are also experiencing chronic pain as never before. It's tough enough being a chronic pain sufferer, so we're here to help provide you with tracking results that your healthcare provider understands. Together, you can find a better way manage your chronic pain.

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